Mt. TamClub Fees

    • Guest Fees

      Two complimentary passes (allowing three people per pass) are included with each membership. Additional passes may be purchased for $10. House guest passes may be purchased for $50 per week-(maximum four weeks) for a fitness usage and $100 per week for tennis usage. You must be a tennis member in order to purchase a house guest pass for tennis.

    • Summer Programs

      Learn to Swim- (3 children per instructor)
      Member Non-Member
      5/ 30 min $90 $95

      Mommy/Daddy & Me- (May through September)
      Member Non-Member
      5/ 30 min $60 $70

      Multi-Sport Kids Camp
      Member Non-Member
      $360 $385
      (1 week camp including swim, tennis, basketball and games for 6-12 year olds June- August.)

    • Lockers - charged annually

      Small Large
      Women’s $60 $96
      Men’s $84 $120

    • Childcare

      1 hour minimum charge
      $6 per hour -$1.50 per 15min after 1 hour
      $5 each additional family member-$1.25 per 15min after 1 hour.
      Non-members pay exact cash when children are picked up.

    • Personal Training

      Trainer determines prices.

    • Swim Lessons - ages 4 and up

      Private Lesson
      1- 30 min lesson
      4- 20 min lessons
      4- 30 min lessons
      1- 45 min lesson
      Group Lessons

      Masters Swim
      Free for members

      Vary, inquire with the instructor

      Non Members
      Vary, inquire with the instructor

    • Tennis Lessons

      Private Lesson
      One Half Hour
      One Hour
      5-Half Hour Sessions
      5-One Hour


      Prices Vary Per # of students


      30% more for nonmembers

    • Membership Rates

      Please contact our Front Desk by calling 415-924-6226 or e-mail for information about fees.

    NOTE: please double check with front desk to make sure that prices listed here are current, thanks!

    Mt. TamChild Care

    Childcare Center Becomes a Fantasy Land

    Our thanks, and the thanks of many of the members who leave their children in the Childcare Center, to Anna Compagno for the beautiful new mural she painted. This enchanting look makes the whole Center a more enjoyable and fun location for our children. Anna is available for hire and would be glad to turn your child’s bedroom or playroom into any scenery you desire.

    Great News for Child Care

    Tired of walking your children through the entire Club to get to the Child Care center? Now you can drop off your children and attend your favorite class, like the one pictured below, with as little travel time as possible. We have remodeled the outdoor child care area so that we can provide a buzz entry to the Child Care center. This door works just like the buzz door we use for our outdoor pool. You will be able to park in the back of the Club, enter the Child Care Center directly and, when you leave, have the same convenience. We have installed a security camera and all members will be asked to provide their membership number to enter.

    Mt. Tam Nursery Policies

    • Minimum Age

      Diapers will be changed once an hour after arrival, or as soon as soiled (so be sure they are dry to start!!). Please bring extra diapers, as Mt. Tam Racquet Club does not supply them. Our staff is not equipped to do “scheduled Feedings”, so a full tummy is recommended before arrival.

    • First Time Visit

      First time visits are limited to one hour. This helps with separation and is more comfortable for the child.

    • What To Bring

      What to bring for your child:
      Disposable Diapers (we don’t change cloth diapers)
      Plastic bottles (Glass bottles are not allowed.)
      Blanket (especially for infants)

    • Labeled Personal Belongings

      All personal belongings must me labeled (pacifiers, bottles, snacks)

    • Snack & or Juice

      A simple snack and/or juice is welcomed such as crackers, fruit, rice cakes. (Please no peanuts, popcorn, gum, candy or any type of nuts!) Also, please do not bring balloons, weapon toys, or toys smaller than your fist.

    • Diapers

      Diapers will be changed once an hour after arrival, or as soon as soiled (so be sure they are dry to start!!). Please bring extra diapers, as Mt. Tam Racquet Club does not supply them. Our staff is not equipped to do “scheduled Feedings”, so a full tummy is recommended before arrival.

    • Potty Training

      Please let us know if you are potty training your child so we can work along with you. Please provide a change of clothing. If your child has an accident and is wet, we will change him/her, however if your child is soiled, we will come and get you to change him/her.

    • Remain on Premises

      Members and guests must remain on the premises the entire time children are registered in Childcare.


      Children who are ILL will NOT be allowed in child care (managers discretion). Our Staff will not administer medicine of any kind.

    • Assume Risk

      While using the facilities, members and guests assume the risk of personal injury and must use reasonable judgment and caution at all times to insure the safety of their children. The Club assumes no liability for injuries caused to children of members or guests.

    • Right to Refuse

      The Club reserves the right to refuse any member’s or guest’s children at its sole discretion with due cause.

    • Rules and Policies

      All rules and policies may be repealed, revised, amended or supplemented at any time by the management at its sole discretion.

    • Closing Time

      Please arrange your work-out so as to return to Childcare before closing time. We need to get home, too.

    Mt. TamPro & Gift Shop

    If you are looking for a gift, or need to buy a little something for a fitness lover in your life, come by the Mt Tam Gift Shop and see some new items just in!

    Mt. TamWhen You Join

    When you join Mt. Tam Racquet Club, you become part of a community established in 1974. Our facilities & programs give you the opportunity to optimize your performance in sports, as well as provide a gateway to a healthier lifestyle. Your membership will also provide you and your family a new venue for meeting friends. Most importantly, all of this will be available to you & your family year-round, regardless of weather.

    • Steam Rooms & Jacuzzi

      We offer steam rooms in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms and a Jacuzzi near the indoor pool.

    • Special Events

      Special events include bridge night, family night, monthly “Drill and Grill” tennis and BBQ nights, CPR training, self-defense courses, body fat testing, swing dances, annual holiday parties, tennis tournaments and other competitive events.

    • Pool

      Our indoor pool is 25 meters long and is used primarily as a lap pool. We keep this pool at 82 degrees year round. The outdoor pool and baby pool are provided for families to enjoy during the warmer months. We use an ozone cleaning system in our pools to help reduce the use of pool chemicals.

    • Deactivate Memberships

      Members may deactivate their memberships for a minimum of three months and a maximum of nine months after paying dues for a year upon three months written notice.

    • Basketball Court

      We have an indoor basketball court that has designated times for open basketball.

    • Complimentary Evaluation

      All new members receive a complimentary fitness training and orientation session on the use of the exercise equipment. Additionally, new tennis members receive a complimentary evaluation by our tennis director and a review of our court procedures.

      All classes posted on our monthly calendar are free to members. There are no additional charges to tennis members for court usage.

    • Guest Passes

      Each membership is entitled to two free guest passes each month. You may bring up to three people with each pass. During Winter rules all guests must pay $10 per person to use the indoor courts. Additional passes for non-tennis usage are available for $10. A non-member can only use the facility one time per month. Members must accompany their guests while using the club. House guest passes are available for one week to one month.

    • Mt. Tam Amenities Include

      * 25 meter long indoor lap pool heated to 82 degrees, an outdoor pool and baby pool
      * Café with poolside and courtside service
      * Two free guest passes each month, good for up to three people each visit
      * Free Fitness Classes
      * Indoor basketball court with set times for open basketball
      * Drop-in Day Care
      * Brand new cardio fitness equipment with individual entertainment systems
      * Ozone cleaning system in our pools to help reduce the use of pool chemicals
      * Party/event facilities
      * Affiliation with Adobe Creek Golf Course
      * Private massage facilities

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