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Mountains in Clouds

Rules & Procedures

Guest Rules


  • Members may bring up to 3 guests per visit, but no guest is allowed to use the Club more than once a month. Because guests can come with various Members, it is important that the Member check with the guest to see if they have already used their one monthly visit. 


  • There is a $20 fee per person when using the indoor courts. You must have a reserved court to bring any guest. Guest are never allowed on Challenge Courts.

  • There is a $10 Guest fee for the indoor pool.

  • Guests MUST register and sign the Liability Waiver at the Reception Desk prior to using the facility. 


  • We will announce “black-out dates” from time to time when Guests are not allowed.

Tennis Court Rules

  • All Members and Guests must wear appropriate tennis attire including tennis shoes and shirts.

  • Use only 3 balls per court.

  • Loud, abusive, or profane language, racket throwing or hitting balls indiscriminately is prohibited.


  • Outdoor tennis lights are turned off by 8:30PM.

  • Court change times are:

​​6:30AM, 7:45AM, 9:00AM, 10:15AM, 11:30AM

12:45PM, 2:00PM, 3:15PM, 4:30PM, 5:45PM, 7:00PM. 


  • The indoor courts are closed for play or lessons on Mondays from 8AM until 12PM.



  • Using another Member’s identity to reserve a court is PROHIBITED.

  • You will DEFAULT your reserved court if you are 15 minutes late without notification. We do not allow back-to-back play unless the court is open.

  • During winter (when day light saving time ends to when it begins again) doubles must be played on the indoor courts, which means a reserved court becomes a challenge court if you are playing singles.




  • Only members can play on the challenge courts.

  • You can sign up one person at a time and either the person before or after your name on the list will be your partner.

  • Play one set no-ad, losers come off and winners can play one more set against the next two challengers on the signup list. 

  • Indoor courts:

    • On weekends, courts 11 and 12 are challenge courts all day.

    • ​On weekdays, courts 11 is a challenge court from 11:30AM until closing and court 12 is a challenge court from 11:30AM until 5:45PM.

    • The waiting list  signup sheet for the indoor challenge courts is in the Café.

  • Outside courts:

    • Courts 1 and 2 are challenge courts all day on weekends (unless there is a league match or other event scheduled).

    • The waiting list signup for the outdoor challenge courts is on the blackboard near court 1. 



  • You must be a member of the Ball Machine Club in order to use the machine.

  • You can join this Club by making an appointment with one of the teaching pros. 


  • The ball machine is on court 7 and can be booked on the hour from 7AM to 7 PM through or the Reception Desk.

  • You can pick up the key for the ball machine at the Reception Desk.

  • Begin picking up your balls 10 minutes before the next reservation begins so the next person is not delayed.

  • When you are finished, put the balls and ball machine away, and return the key to the Reception Desk.



  • Pickleball is only available to club Members except when there is a supervised event.


  • Pickleball can be played using the portable nets on court 7 and can be booked on the hour from 7AM to 7 PM through or the Reception Desk.​​

Tennis Rules
Swimming Rules


Be Safe

  • Children under the age of 14 MUST be accompanied by parents AT ALL TIMES.

  • NO running or playing games by the pool, or any wet floor areas.


  • When is a an unsupervised child safe in the water? The only answer is, no matter how experienced a swimmer, NEVER! 

Be Clean

  • Please shower before entering the pool or jacuzzi.


  • Always let the person already in the lane know that you wish to share the lane.

  • Lane 1 is narrow and can only be used by a single swimmer.

  • Lane 5 (nearest to the jacuzzi) is for children to play in and for swim lessons only.

  • Be sure that your children do not wander into the lap lanes or hang on to the lane lines.

Supplemental Equipment

  • Kickboards are reserved for lap swimmers. They are not for recreational play.

  • Swim Ffns are permitted as long as you are the sole swimmer in the lane. If you enter a lane that is being used by someone wearing fins, you do so at your own risk... or wait for them to finish their program.


  • Children under the age of 3 are NOT allowed in the jacuzzi.

Fitness Rules


Be Safe

  • Children under the age of 14 are not permitted in the gym area.

  • Members with pre-existing health conditions must have a physician's approval before using the club.

  • Members are to keep the plyo-balls away from the treadmills to avoid having them pulled under the moving belt.

  • Shirt and shoes are required in the gym area at all times.

Be Courteous

  • Dumbbells, weight plates, stretching pads, etc., must be put away by the member after use.

  • No stretching is allowed in the free weight area. Stretching should be done in the multi-purpose room.

  • There is a 30-minute time limit on all cardiovascular machines unless there is no one waiting.

  • Anyone performing multiple sets on any resistance equipment (Cybex machines, bench press, Smith machine, etc.) must allow others to "work in" while they are resting between sets.

Abuse of Equipment

  • Abuse of MTRC equipment (slamming weights up and down on Cybex machines, dropping dumbbells on floor, etc.) will not be tolerated.

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